Our beautifully-designed templates come with hundreds of customizable features. Every template is just a starting point—you can style it to look any way you want.

Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss prominently displays your favorite photos by utilizing a unique front-and-center design that puts your occasion’s most important details where they can’t be missed.

The Pretentious

A simple, bold format invites guests to celebrate good times.

Sweet & Chic

Show your love to the world. Sweet & Chic is an easy to use template for fun-loving couples that tells your story with beautiful photo galleries, a full-screen header image, and scroll-based navigation.

Story Teller

Story Teller is like no other template—so it’s perfect for your engagement. Sonny helps you tell your story in a dynamic, engaging, and fun way that uses parallax scrolling and stunning, full-screen imagery.

Warm Greetings

When you want to make the most of your moments, choose Warm Greetings to display engagement photos and the details of your occasion with long, scrolling pages and beautiful interactive elements.

Simply Elegance

Regardless of when you tie the knot, Simply Elegance is a perfect template to help you announce and plan your big day. Its flexibility, clean layout and simple style combine to make this one of our most elegant templates.

Dashing Blue

A scrolling format leads friends and relatives through your love story and the details of your big event.

Between Us

Between Us makes capturing the spirit of your engagement fun and easy. Its intuitive interface and beautiful features make it an ideal template for telling the story of your time together.